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What is the Circuit Breaker for the Elderly?
—The Circuit Breaker Program is another name for the Property Tax Reduction Program. For qualified applicants, this program reduces property taxes by as much as $1,320. The amount of reduction is based on income from the previous calendar year. The property tax reduction will not reduce any solid waste fees, irrigation fees or other fees charged by governmental entities. For more information, go to: tax.idaho.gov/i-1051.cfm

I am 67 years old and needing to find a part-time job.
—The Idaho Department of Labor offers an employment program for persons 55 years of age and over who meet the income criteria. Persons are placed in a non-profit agency 20 hours per week at a minimum. Individuals who are not eligible for this program will be referred to other appropriate agencies. Phone 208-236-6710, ext. 3661.

Is there any agency that can help pay my utility bills?
—The Energy Assistance Program is housed with the Southeast Idaho Community Action Agency. The phone number is 208-233-7348.

Can someone help me with my legal problems? —Call the Idaho Legal Aid line at 208-233-0079 to set up an appointment with an attorney. The attorney will help address a variety of legal issues, but does not accept criminal or fee-generating cases.

I am having a problem with health insurance. Who can I talk to about it? —The Idaho Department of Insurance operates a Senior Health Insurance Benefits Advisors Program (SHIBA) which provides insurance counseling at no charge. Call 208-236-6044.

Is it possible to have meals delivered to my mother's home? —Home Delivered Meals are available throughout the Area Agency on Aging's service area. Information on meal services can be found in the Southeast Idaho Resource Directory (downloadable PDF) under the topic of Senior Centers or by contacting a local senior center to see what is available in her area. Download a listing of Meal Providers.

I am concerned about my elderly parents. They need someone to go to their home and help with cleaning, bathing, and meal preparation. How can I get help for them? —Call the Information and Assistance desk at 208-233-4032 for options on services. The information and assistance staff will assist you in linking your parents to several options for supportive services including Area Agency on Aging services, community resources or social service agencies.

Can you give me a list of nursing homes in the greater Pocatello and surrounding areas? —Yes. Download the Southeast Idaho Resource Directory, or, we can mail you a list of skilled nursing and assisted living homes in the Area Agency on Aging service area. Either e-mail your request to sandy@sicog.org, or call us at 1-800-526-8129 and ask to speak to the Ombudsman.

What is an ADRC? —The place for information and assistance! Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs) are the first place to go to get accurate, unbiased information on all aspects of life related to aging or living with a disability. More information about ADRC’s can be found here Additional Information: ADRC or aging.idaho.gov/adrc. For further information about Area V Agency on Aging ADRC’s services you may contact Information and Assistance staff at 208-233-4032.

Where can I get basic information about caring for a loved one? —Download the Caregiver Handbook.

How can I keep my loved one at home when I am working full time? —Consider the options outlined in the Caregiver Handbook.

I'm afraid my neighbor's children are taking advantage of her financially. Is there someone who will look into this? —Suspected abuse of a senior adult should be reported to the Adult Protection Service at the Area Agency on Aging. Financial exploitation is the most common type of elder abuse; other types include physical abuse and neglect by a caregiver. Contact the Information and Assistance staff at the Area Agency on Aging at (208)233-4032 or 1-800-526-8129 for an adult protection screening.

Other questions or concerns? Need materials, information, or just need to discuss caregiver options? Give us a call at 208-233-4032 or email us at sandy@sicog.org


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