Home and Community-Based Services

Information & Assistance (I&A)

The Information and Assistance Program is your first contact for information pertaining to older and disabled adults. We can meet in person or talk on the phone, whatever works best for you. We can also link individuals needing assistance with community resources and social service agencies.

See the Southeast Idaho Resource Directory

Contact: (208) 233-4032

Nutrition Services

Meals at Senior Centers and Home Delivered Meals.

Download the Nutrition Providers Contact List

Transportation Services

Transports older and disabled persons to and from community services and resources for the purpose of applying for and receiving services, reducing isolation and promoting independent living.

The program provides transportation for:
(1) life-sustaining trips such as medical visits, shopping, banking and employment; and
(2) quality of life trips which include recreational and social trips, community outings, and visits with family to reduce isolation and increase physical and social activity.

Pocatello Regional Transit – (208) 234-2287PocatelloTransit.com

Legal Assistance

Provides assistance with legal issues related to: income, health care, long-term care, nutrition, housing, utilities, protective services, defense of guardianship, abuse or neglect and age discrimination.

For assistance with legal issues, contact: (208)-233-0079, ext. 1701, ​IdahoLegalAid.org, or Idaho Senior Legal Hotline 1-866-345-0106, or Spanish Speaking callers: 1-866-954-2591


Provides Assistance with Medicare and Medicaid related questions. The Area Agency on Aging advises and assists Medicare Beneficiaries with the Medicare Savings Program (MSP) the Low Income Subsidy (LIS) and Fraud Prevention Program (SMP). Education and Outreach partners are constantly being explored through the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers.

For more information about Idaho’s Medicaid program you can click here: HealthAndWelfare.idaho.gov

For more information about Medicare you can click here: Medicare.gov

For personalized assistance understanding your Medicare options, contact: (208) 233-4032

Reutilization Equipment (Lending Closet)

Provides individuals a place to locate or donate durable medical equipment and supplies, i.e. wheelchairs, canes, Depends™, bath benches, etc.

Contact: (208) 233-4032


Provides assistance to an eligible person with general cleaning of house, making and changing of beds, washing dishes, meal preparation, laundry services, essential errands for food and medications and providing bathing or hair washing.

See Homecare Providers Contact List

Contact: (208) 233-4032


Seeks out older individuals, identifying their service needs and providing them with information and assistance to link them with appropriate services. Seeks to identify ethnic elders to provide needed services and education.

Contact: (208) 233-4032

Veterans-Directed Home & Community-Based Service

This program gives veterans of all ages the opportunity to receive the home and community based services they need in a self-directed manner. Veterans in this program are given a flexible budget for goods & services that are managed by the veteran or family caregiver. This program helps veterans in a twelve county area to continue to live at home in their community.

For more information contact: Angelyn at (208) 233-4032 x1012, angelyn.norgaard@sicog.org

Senior Employment Program (SCSEP)

Easterseals-Goodwill provides transitional employment services through the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). This program offers training opportunities to low-income adults age 55 and older in the state of Idaho and Utah who wish to re-enter the workforce. It allows participants to overcome barriers to employment by gaining real-world work experience at non-profit and community service organizations, called “host agencies,” in the community.

For further information contact Michelle at (208) 454-8555 or Nanette at (208) 733-9675, or visit: ESGW.org/scsep/

Commodity Supplement Food Program

Partnership program with the Idaho Food Bank which administers this program to improve the health of low-income elderly persons 60 years of age and older, by supplementing their diets with a monthly nutritious food box of USDA foods that includes nutrition information and helpful recipes. For more information, visit: Aging.Idaho.gov/stay-at-home/commodity-supplemental-food-program/

To know more about this program, contact: Information and Assistance (208) 233-4032

Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

Evidenced based programs support healthy lifestyles and promote healthy behaviors reducing the need for more costly medical interventions. Individuals can learn more about available evidenced programs and practices in the areas of both aging and disabilities and then determine which best meets the need of each person.
Self-Management Resource Center
Contact: (208) 233-4032

Volunteer Opportunities

An uncompensated program which provides services and support on behalf of older individuals. Area V welcomes all-age volunteers who wish to support the work of the aging program. Support could be in the outreach efforts or information gathering or in running errands and friendly visiting. ​
Contact: (208) 233-4032