Economic Development
for Southeast Idaho


Projects and Services

The extensive knowledge and education of SICOG’s Community Economic Development team ensures successful services related to development and planning, management assistance, and other key activities.


• Comprehensive Planning
• Charrette
• Environmental Review

Project Financing:

• Grants
• Loans
• Match
• Bonding


• Funding
• Project Technical
• Assistance
• Davis-Bacon
• Administrative Services


• Contract Negotiations
• Architect and Engineering
• Procurement
• Meeting Facilitation
—public hearing
—high stakes
• Land Acquisition

Lava Hot Springs Phase 1 & 2

Project Name: City of Lava Hot Springs Waste Water
Improvement Project
Project Cost: $9.5 Million (Phase 1 and Phase 2).

SICOG was hired by the City of Lava Hot Springs to help plan, coordinate and administer their waste water project. The work included the promotion, coordination and facilitation of the project with potential funders and interested parties. Also involved in the project was grant writing, preparing of the Environmental Information Documents and the submission of all loan applications.

SICOG secured funding from 4 different agencies: DEQ, USDA, CDBG and SAAP/EPA. The ARRA grant portion awarded required additional reporting and monitoring, to include Davis-Bacon, MBE/WBE and job creation/hours. SICOG has successfully assisted the City with 2 on-site audits. SICOG is also responsible for the processing of all pay requests and financial reporting.

Grace Phase 1 & 2

Project Name: City of Grace Drinking Water Improvement Project
Project Cost: $7.1 Million (Phase 1 and Phase 2)

As with Lava, SICOG was hired to plan, coordinate and administer the drinking water project for the City of Grace. The work included with Grace was similar to Lava with the exception of audits, EID and additional facilitation. Due to ARRA funding, the project has been audited extensively 7 times by governmental (EPA Washington D.C., EPA Washington, DEQ Boise, U.S. Dept. of Education) and local agencies (CDBG & DEQ). SICOG not only assisted the City with each audit, but also helped coordinate between the City and engineers to meet the Buy American requirements. Outcomes continue to be favorable.

SICOG prepared 2 EID documents for the City of Grace and also assisted the City with a revised EID due to a change in project scope during construction. Due to inadequate water pressure created by the recently installed water meters and fittings, The City chose to include a booster station to their project. This addition required additional facilitation between the City, engineer, and funding agencies. Additional council and public participation meetings were held where SICOG was actively involved.

Arimo Gas Line

Project Name: City of Arimo Natural Gas Service

SICOG has vast experience working with organizations, utilities and businesses. That experience was made available to the City of Arimo to bring natural gas to the community. The gas line was installed from McCammon to Arimo and throughout the city to the residents. There were many decisions to be made and SICOG was able to guide the City through a formidable conglomeration of situations to overcome.

The funding available for this project was possible by either a local Improvement District or a Bond. Each of these options entailed difference benefits and outcomes for the community. SICOG was able to conduct research, analyze the needs of the residents and present the alternatives to city leaders.
SICOG has extensive success with conducting open houses to help the community understand the need for a bond.

The Arimo open house included a local citizen famous for homemade donuts. We served everyone from his portable kitchen and helped achieve a turnout of over 30% of the citizens. This open house included eight information stations manned by citizens, elected officials, Intermountain Gas and SICOG.

In the summer of 2014 the City of Arimo completed the construction of the gas line to the city and to the residents. This small community of 358 citizens now enjoys natural gas in their homes.

City of Grace Comprehensive Plan

SICOG helps communities update comprehensive plans making them more useful to planning and zoning as well as more user-friendly to local residents and businesses looking to move into the area. The City of Grace asked SICOG to update two chapters that were not serving the Planning and Zoning department. These were the Land Use and Economic Development chapters. At SICOG we attend training and stay current on the latest developments in comprehensive planning for rural western communities. To help the community participate in the update of these two chapters SICOG arranged a community meeting. This meeting allowed citizens to help develop a map for the future of City of Grace.