Our Team

Our Team

Layne Bourgeous

Layne Bourgeous is the Community Development Specialist at SICOG. Layne holds a BA in International Studies from BYU-Idaho and an MPA from Grand Canyon University. Layne works with local communities to help upgrade public infrastructure with the hopes of improving the quality of life for residents.

Additionally, Layne strives to build community partnerships to address the needs of southeast Idaho’s rural populations and ensure that resources are implemented both efficiently and effectively.  When Layne is not working, he loves to spend time with his family and enjoys just being a dad and husband.

Contact: (208) 233-4535; layne.bourgeous@sicog.org

Amanda Collins

Amanda Collins was born and raised in Southeast Idaho and is an Idaho State University graduate. She is the Community Development Manager with SICOG, and has worked on projects for the seven southern counties that include infrastructure upgrades to culinary water, wastewater, broadband expansion and park improvements. Although passionate about helping our communities grow responsibly, she will tell you her favorite part of the job is Davis Bacon Labor Monitoring; and playing on new playgrounds. In 2019 Amanda was honored to be named one of the 20 Under 40 by the Idaho Business Journal for her work in community outreach and service. When not working, Amanda is an avid crafter, Lego enthusiast and enjoys time with her family. 

Contact: (208) 233-4535; amanda.collins@sicog.org

Therese Combs

Therese Combs is an Adult Protective Services Investigator. She investigates allegations of abuse, exploitation, neglect, and self-neglect of vulnerable adults in the 7-county region of southeast Idaho. Therese enjoys being able to stand up for members of the community that are unable to help themselves. Therese is a part of the adult mental health crisis intervention team where she collaborates to try to resolve difficult cases and prevent crises. In her free time, Therese enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren. She always enjoys spontaneous adventures in the outdoors.

​Contact: (208) 233-4032; therese.combs@sicog.org​

Tara Contreras

Tara Contreras is the Transportation Programs Director at SICOG. She works to educate, assess, and coordinate efforts regarding mobility, use of public transportation, transportation safety for all road users, and alternative transportation resources through all seven Southeast Idaho counties. She looks for gaps in service, finds opportunities, and provides outreach to all community members with a focus on vulnerable populations. Through her career serving the community it has always been her greatest joy to connect individuals and families with resources and services that helped them become more self sufficient and pro-active in meeting their personal goals and living independently.  In her personal time, she enjoys all things about an adventure.  Tara can be found doing anything from attending a concert, traveling on a cruise, and simply enjoying baking with her children in the kitchen.   

Contact: (208) 233-4535; tara.contreras@sicog.org

Susan Cronquist

Susan Cronquist is the Adult Protective Services Supervisor for the Area Agency on Aging. She investigates allegations of Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation and Self-Neglect of vulnerable adults in the 7 County region of Southeast Idaho. Susan has dedicated her 26-year career to protecting the elderly and vulnerable in our communities and making sure their basic needs are met. Susan won an Innovation Award from the National Association of Development Organizations, along with many other countless awards and accolades. Susan is extremely proud of the positive impact that they have been able to make with the victims of our community. In her spare time and to unwind, Susan enjoys gardening, relaxing by her koi pond and taking care of her horses and pets.

​Contact: (208) 233-4032; susan.cronquist@sicog.org​

Andrea DeMartinis

Bio coming soon…


Contact: (208) 233-4535; andrea.demartinis@sicog.org

Krystal Denney

Krystal Denney is SICOG’s Community Development Director. Krystal is responsible for the oversight of the Community Development team, ongoing and developing projects, and guiding the strategic direction of the Community Development Division. Krystal believes in creating sustainable infrastructure in communities beginning with the “big picture”.  She often says, “The best time to plant a tree is when you don’t need shade.” Over the course of her career, she has been integral is securing over $20 Million of grants for infrastructure in rural communities in Southeast Idaho. Outside of work you’ll find Krystal at a baseball game, volunteering, or enjoying quality time at home with her family.

​Contact: (208) 233-4535; krystal.denney@sicog.org​

David Doran

David Doran is the Executive Director for the Southeast Idaho Council of Governments. David has been with the organization since 2015 leading successful transportation, community, and economic development initiatives. In his role, David partners and directs a range of diverse programs and projects, cultivates resources, and provides administrative oversight of all aspects of the organization’s day-to-day functions.  “My goal is to contribute to the development of people and resources. I’m part of a team that finds solutions to complex problems. And through our partnerships and supportive network of leaders, organizations, media, municipalities, as well as tribal, state, and federal agencies – we are addressing issues of local-regional concern.”

Mr. Doran holds a Master of Public Administration from Idaho State University, emphasizing in Environmental Sciences and has advanced training with the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation, the Institute of Cultural Affairs, and is a certified grant administrator with the Idaho Department of Commerce.

David loves skiing, backpacking, and mountain biking in Idaho’s backcountry, Ford trucks, his doodle dogs, and caddis hatches on the Henry’s Fork. Above all, David is a father, faithful partner, a friend, and neighbor.

Contact: (208) 233-4535; david.doran@sicog.org

Bonnie Hamilton

Bonnie Le Hamilton is a born and bred Idahoan. She was born in Blackfoot, ID on July 5th, 1962, the third daughter of her parents, with their second daughter coming into the world just six minutes before her! Her and her twin are mirror twins, and they have a weekly blog Life as Mirror Twins.

Bonnie is a data entry clerk by day and a writer the rest of the time. She does a couple of poems published but no novels, yet; still working on it.

She is a widow living with just her cat Patches.

Contact: (208) 233-4535; bonnie.hamilton@sicog.org

Matthew Harvey

Matthew Harvey is the front desk receptionist and administrative assistant for SICOG.  Born in England, he brings a pleasant smile and some classic English charm to the day-to-day proceedings of the SICOG office.  While acting as a welcoming point of first contact for the office, he strives to assist his colleagues be successful in all their endeavors, helping however he can.  Matthew appreciates being a part of the wonderful team that is SICOG, being able to aid such a wide selection of people across the seven counties of Southeast Idaho.

Contact: (208) 233-4535; matthew.harvey@sicog.org

Mike Hirschi

Mike Hirschi, Director at the Area V Agency on Aging, has been at our SICOG since 2012.  He is responsible for providing the strategic vision and direction of the aging services and programs.   He nurtures partnerships with many organizations and individuals to improve the lives of seniors and persons with disabilities in Southeast Idaho and help them age in place.  Mike has been in the aging network since he was 15 years old.   Before joining the Area V Agency on Aging, he spent 23 years working at a skilled nursing facility in Pocatello, 7 years as the licensed nursing home administrator at the facility.  Mike has a passion for empowering and supporting the independence, safety, dignity, and quality of life of older adults, persons with disabilities and family caregivers in our region.  He enjoys biking, hiking and being the favorite uncle Michael to his nephews and nieces.

​Contact: (208) 233-4032; mike.hirschi@sicog.org​

Gina Hubbard

Gina Hubbard is the supervisor of Information & Assistance at the Area Agency on Aging within the SICOG organization.

Gina enjoys meeting new people and assisting older adults and their families in our community with services that will help them stay in their homes as long as possible.  Some of the services offered include Home Delivered Meals, Homemaker service and Respite service.

Gina is also the coordinator for PRO Age Connections which addresses social isolation and loneliness among older adults.  This program relies on volunteers to make friendly calls and complete kind notes on postcards to our “PRO Agers.”  This year, the program was presented with a national achievement award from USAging.

Gina is proud to work for the Area Agency on Aging at SICOG and frequently refers to her position as her “dream job.”

When she’s not working, Gina enjoys family, gardening and traveling with her new husband.

Contact: (208) 233-4032; gina.hubbard@sicog.org

Laurie Keyes

Laurie Keyes is an Information & Assistance and Community Outreach Specialist for the Southeast Idaho Council of Governments, a position which allows her to connect with the aging community by connecting them with resources and services, as well as provide family caregivers with resources, education, and services to make aging at home more comfortable. She is proud to facilitate our Caregiver Support Group and is certified to teach both the Powerful Tools for Caregivers and the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program. She takes pride in trying to be as versatile as possible, she is a Notary Public, certified in CPR and QPR Gatekeeper training, and most recently began training to oversee the Senior Medicare Patrol and the Medicare Improvement for Patients and Providers Act program. Laurie grew up in Missoula, MT, but has called Pocatello home for the past 15 years. Laurie has 3 teenage children, two cats and an amazing and support partner who she enjoys taking drives with, spending time with the family and on occasion watching movies and reading.

​Contact: (208) 233-4032; laurie.keyes@sicog.org​

Emma Morton

Emma Morton is the Community-based Economic Development Manager with SICOG. She is a Certified Grant Administrator and works with a number of communities, school districts and businesses in our southeast Idaho region to develop and fund projects. Emma has expertise in grant writing, consensus building and facilitation, downtown revitalization planning, workforce development, and urban renewal administration. Emma is passionate about developing projects with the community’s needs in mind and seeing them from development to completion. Watching a project come to life is her favorite part of the job. Emma has helped develop and write the grants for millions of dollars worth of projects in this region; notably, $3.3 million for Blackfoot Technical Education Center and $500,000 for Montpelier Downtown Revitalization. She has also helped school districts with master planning and visioning, urban renewal agencies with plan updates and amendments, and businesses attain workforce development training grants. Emma lives in Pocatello with her husband, daughter and two dogs. Most of her time goes to adventuring with her daughter or dogs, volunteering at her church, or catching a few quiet moments to read a book. 

​Contact: (208) 233-4535; emma.morton@sicog.org​

Angelyn Norgaard

Angelyn Norgaard, Veterans Direct Care Case Manager and Information and Assistance for the Area Agency on Aging under Southeast Idaho Council of Governments. Angelyn takes great pleasure in assisting the disabled Veteran population to receive ongoing home cares from providers of their choice.  Angelyn is a class leader for Powerful Tools for Caregivers course and enjoys teaching others to care for themselves, while caring for others.   Angelyn is born and raised in Pocatello, attending grade school through high school here in Pocatello. Receiving her Bachelor of Science in Health Administration, Angelyn is married to a twenty-four-year Navy Veteran, has 3 children and is caring for her dad in her home. Angelyn loves her dogs, cat’s, chickens, ducks, and pigeons (though she does not claim the pigeons as hers), as well as fish, reptiles, bird, and arachnoids.

​Contact: (208) 233-4032; angelyn.norgaard@sicog.org​

Barbara North

Barbara North is the Assistant Fiscal Officer for SICOG.  On the most basic level, she monitors money going in and out of various programs- but her contributions to the organization literally keep the lights on and the entire operation running smoothly.  “Barb” is always there in a pinch and is willing to go the extra mile to see the job completed. Barbara enjoys helping others and sharing her knowledge of both fiscal operations – and the natural world.

Ms. North has many interests in science and art. Barbara holds a Master of Science in Biology with an emphasis in Ecology, and a Bachelor of Science in Zoology. Barbara has a special fondness of birds. As an artist, she has an eye for subtle detail, and an ability to recognize “a beauty in all things,” which make her an equally amazing colleague. In her spare time, Barbara loves ballroom dance, watercolor painting, and travel.

Contact: (208) 233-4535; barbara.north@sicog.org

Charity Staggs

“Not all those who wander are lost.” ~Tolkien.  Charity Staggs is a believer in hard work, resourcefulness, and resilience. She wandered as a musician throughout high school and college, where she performed in many incredible communities with incredible hardships. During her adventures, she gained a deep desire to cultivate solutions. In 2019, she started work at SICOG as the front desk receptionist. Her strong beliefs earned her a place among the Community Development Team as a Grant Writer in 2020 and Administrator in 2021 where she consistently seeks and attains resources to help strengthen communities by becoming more resilient and resourceful. She still wanders as a part time musician today, keeping up her creative muscles, meeting new communities, and finding new ways to help them.

Contact: (208) 233-4535; charity.staggs@sicog.org

Jordyn Wise

Bio coming soon…


Contact: (208) 233-4535; jordyn.wise@sicog.org