PRO Age Connections

PRO Age Connections

The Southeast Idaho Council of Government’s Area Agency on Aging has a new program called “PRO Age Connections”. “PRO” stands for Positive Relationship Opportunities. PRO Age Connections goal is to address and raise awareness about the crisis of social isolation and loneliness for our older adults in the community. We want to respect, honor and celebrate PRO-agers in our communities! Our program has several ways that we try to reach our Pro-agers, including friendly calling, postcards, and our friendly chat line.

Friendly Calling

PRO-Ager participants benefit from engaging in conversations with friendly call volunteers by being able to share their knowledge and experiences. These meaningful conversations help build trust between the two parties and meet both social needs. Additionally, volunteers can help PRO-Agers access resources and address any unmet needs. Overall, this program serves to strengthen the community by connecting older adults with volunteers who value their contributions.



The PRO-Age Connections program involves volunteers of all ages from the community to write kind notes on postcards and share them with older adults in assisted living facilities, senior living homes, nursing homes, and home care agencies. These postcards are a way to bring joy and positivity to older adults and help foster a sense of community. The program is supported by a diverse range of volunteers, including individuals from for-profit and non-profit organizations, community groups, schools, senior centers, and colleges.


Friendly Chat Line

The PRO Age Friendly Chat Line is available to any PRO-ager who is interested in chatting with one of our volunteers. The chat line is open everyday from 8am to 8pm.


Robotic Pets

PRO age connections also has robotic pets that we have shared with assisted livings and skilled nursing facilities. These help alleviate leading issues including social isolation, loneliness, and cognitive decline by delivering joy, fun and happiness that help improve their quality of life.

Looking to the Future

As the restrictions from the pandemic lift, volunteer roles for the PRO-Age Connections program will expand to include one-on-one interactions. These interactions will be designed to match the interests of the PRO-Ager with a volunteer of similar interests, fostering intergenerational connections. This could include activities such as cooking, gardening, dancing, art, etc. The program might also include mentorship opportunities, where college students could be paired with retired professionals. Additionally, socialization and engagement will be offered through group settings such as monthly or quarterly events like “Meet and Greet,” tea parties, game nights, or movie nights. These activities aim to bring PRO-Agers and volunteers together to build stronger community ties and provide opportunities for socialization.

To volunteer please contact Gina Hubbard at the Area Agency on Aging, 208-233-4032.

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